Unparalleled trauma support

Robust, bespoke trauma-informed services and dedicated clinical team define our work with children: ensuring optimum growth and recovery that helps build better futures.

About trauma recovery

Children placed with us have often experienced complex trauma in their early years, requiring high levels of support, intervention and understanding.

Experiencing trauma changes the brain of a child and this can lead to changes in thoughts, behaviour, relationships, ability to learn and/or focus and impairs emotional responses. We see our primary aim as helping children and young people recover from this trauma to improve their life outcomes. Our Care Farms are also instrumental in our approach.

Intensive care and support

Our approach is child-centred, trauma informed and relevant to each child. Our diverse provision, specialist services and multi-disciplinary team approach ensures the very best opportunities to promote growth and recovery.

Urgent need service

In cases where young people have an urgent need and require a high level of support to manage immediate life events, we can offer effective, short-term care (up to 28 days). This allows our team to spend time in an informed manner reflecting, consulting and planning what is best for the child.

School refusal service

In cases where traumatised children are having difficulty attending to their learning, our Trauma Recovery Services programme can assist schools by planning and delivering an appropriate and accessible curriculum. Children in our care also benefit from the educational facilities of the
Enhanced Children’s Services Group.

Transforming futures

Our diverse intensive care
and support provision offers:

  • 1:1 Solo or 1:1 intensive support placements
  • 2:1 placements
  • 4:2 Small group living
  • Girls only placements for those at risk of CSE
  • Self harming programmes
  • Enhanced and solo foster care placements supported by clinical services

Support and Clinical supervision for staff and carers

We understand the challenges that working with trauma affected children and young people can pose.


We offer holistic support which includes:

Individual Clinical supervision and consultation, face to face, telephone and online by trauma experts

Group based clinical consultation

Reflective supervision

Comprehensive professional development to enhance the practitioners ability to provide effective intervention and parenting

Guidance in relation to current best practice assessment, intervention and management

Access to support, advice and training from trauma experts about children with complex presentations


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